The CorePlus Group Legal Plan provides you access to professional legal consultation and representation at special group rates. If you need legal assistance, simply call the Member Service Center and a Specialist will help you get in touch with the right Plan Attorney for your legal matter.

Do You Need This Plan?

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In many cases Plan benefits offer a substantial savings over standard costs for legal assistance:

  • Free Document Preparation of wills, living wills, annual updates and letters to resolve consumer, neighbor and other disputes...Have peace of mind knowing your Will has been prepared by a professional.
  • Discounted Flat Rates for 8 covered services, including traffic tickets, bankruptcy and divorce...Know how much you will spend before you even call.
  • Low Hourly Rate of $75 for all other legal representation...Most attorneys charge between $150 and $300 per hour!
  • Consult with an Attorney on any new legal matter at no charge...Call early and prevent small problems from becoming major lawsuits.
  • Identity Theft Protection counselors will walk you through all the steps and help you connect with a Plan Attorney when legal help is needed...Know where to turn if it happens to you.
  • Consult with Financial Professionals for help with family budget planning, credit and collection issues...Get the help you've been looking for to get back on track.
  • Legal Documents Reviewed by a Plan Attorney at no charge for documents up to 6 pages...Understand what you are getting into before you sign.

For additional information on benefits provided or to find out how this plan can help you, click to view the Legal Plan Enrollment Guide. For specific questions about covered services, contact our Member Services Center. See the Contact Us page for the Member Services telephone number.

Cost of Coverage
The cost of the Plan is $6.80 per month, less than 25 cents per day. You pay for legal services coverage with after-tax deductions from your paycheck.

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